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Description and Purpose


The organization and Christian formation of the youth in the parish shall be assigned to the Commission on Youth. There shall be created corresponding Worship, Education and Social Action Committees whose


Functions are the following:


  • To take charge in the evangelization and Christian formation of the youth in   

  • Coordination with the Parish Commission on education

  • To initiate activities and programs for the youth in the parish such as worship, vocation  

  • Promotions, social concerns and catechism for the out-of-school youth (FAPA # # 15 & 19) in coordination with the Parish Commission concerned

  • To maintain close contact with the Archdiocesan Youth Ministry and to implement its plans and activities in the parish level


Parish Youth Ministry                  Michelle Grace Tonido

Young Professionals                     Mark Stephen Reyes

Children's Apostolate                  Novy Joy Ariza


Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

Canalipawan Rd, V&G Subd., Tacloban City

tacloban City Philippines



Vice Chairperson (PYM-External Affairs)

Michelle L. Sulla

Vice Chariperson (PYM Internal Affairs)

Trina Marie M. Candaza


Queenie Rose S. Piandong


Jude Martin M. Capalar


Alexander Jacques Sabucido

Social Communications

Andrea Mae Vivian A. Bru

Resource Mobilization

Angelli Joyce P. Gabriana


Roxanne Mae A. Pedrera


Jonathan Paghubasan

Social Action

Birth Mark J. gerez


Gia Wynafe B. Cuaton




  • Andrea Christin Sorilla Duallo(IA)

  • Angelica Grace G. Reyes

  • April Pearl Lago (inactive)

  • Art Junthom D. Bastes

  • Archie Labordo

  • Arvin Go-Acao Cabillan

  • Charlie Pace

  • Cheska Larissa Fabi Baoy

  • Cheska Urmeneta Lelina

  • Christiana Clariz Guantero Buloron (inactive)

  • Corinne Anne Q. dela Cruz

  • Deserie Lanorias (inactive)

  • Dino Pedrosa

  • Ernesto Antonio Gallo Ramos III

  • Rey Freden L. Bangas

  • Frensy Joy Callera Delima (inactive)

  • Glyde Cruz (inactive)

  • Gwen Karen Castaños (inactive)

  • Gwen Mercado (inactive)

  • Ian Lagrimas Buenafe (inactive)

  • Ivuhn Lendl Sarmiento (inactive)

  • Jason Corregidor (inactive)

  • Jay-r Malindog Buñales (inactive)

  • Jeffrey Gandia (inactive)

  • Jenny V. Longas

  • Jeonie Sanchez (inactive)

  • Jerome Escabusa (inactive)

  • Jiliane Vilches

  • Kat Abdon Catapal (inactive)

  • Kassandra Pedroza (inactive)

  • Kenny F. Garcia

  • Kimberly Grace Peque (inactive)

  • Leo Yape (inactive)

  • Lorraine Vilches

  • Macky Amor (inactive)

  • Maica Aguilos Villanueva (inactive)

  • Marc Campo (inactive)

  • Mardiorie Ella Lesiguez (inactive)

  • Marielle Yuse (inactive)

  • Mark Anthony Casurao

  • Mark Joseph B. Ariza (inactive)

  • Marjorie V. Amplayo

  • Matthew Creer Balingata

  • Pauline Antonette Natan

  • Paulo Diorico (inactive)

  • Princess Hayra de Belen (inactive)

  • Reige Lance Gadista (inactive)

  • Reygie Cayubit Homeres (inactive)

  • Rose Anne A. Mecina

  • Rostico Conde

  • Salem Grace Cello

  • Sophia Cathrina Bernadas

  • Ted Bryan Bacor

  • Windyl A. Cadisal

  • Zeus Bryan Loreto (inactive)


Activities list goes here.


Msgr Bendict Catilogo

Msgr Bendict Catilogo

Parish Priest

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Successor of Peter

Our Lady Lourdes Parish

Our Lady Lourdes Parish

Calanipawan Rd V&G Subdivision, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary

Lourdes, France

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary





Proposed Budget

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