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Nature and Purpose


The Commission on Temporalities assists the Parish Priest in the administration of the physical properties of the parish and the conversation of other temporal goods belonging to the parish. Among its functions are the following:


  • To help the Parish Priest administer the temporal goods of the parish

  • To assist the Parish Priest administer in the titling of all the real estate properties of the parish

  • To assist in the support and maintenance of the Church and the rectory facilities, funding of parish programs and other temporal needs of the parish (FAPA 81.2)

  • To help the Parish Priest conduct activities to generate local resources for the parish

  • To assist the Parish Priest in the supervision and coordination of parish construction projects and improvement

  • To assist the Parish Priest in maintaining an Inventory of all Church properties in the parish. An inventory should be made with every outgoing and incoming Parish Priest (FAPA #81.1)

  • To coordinate with and assist the Archdiocesan Commission on Temporalities regarding temporal matters of the parish (FAPA #81.3)

  • To establish a management information system to include specifically the directory of parishioners for pastoral purposes, in consultation with the Archdiocesan Commission on Temporalities (FAPA #81.4)

  • To require religious organization engaging in fund raising activities to seek approval from the Parish Priest and to account and submit reports to the Commission on Temporalities.


Teodora Vinegas              Commission on Temporalities Chairperson


Our Lady of Lourdes Office

Calanipawan Road, V&G Subdivion

Tacloban City


Administration and Staff

Msgr Benedicto B. Catilogo              Parish Priest

Fr Kim Margallo                                  Parochial Vicar

Teodora Vinegas                                Parish Secretary

Ma Theresa Gonzales                        Receptionisit

John Dominic Cinco                            IT/Webmaster 

Lito Espino & Grounds                       Maintenance and Grounds       


Chapel Coordinators

Elizabeth Briva                                   Sto Nino

Edgardo Panarez                               Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Fe Amor Latoja                                   Our Lady of Fatima

Etilda Ligones                                     Immaculate Conception Lumbang l

Teresita Daban                                   Immaculate Conception Lumbang ll

Franklin Garcia                                   San Lorenzo Ruiz

Cornelia Sabillo                                  San Pedro Calungsod

Osita Sia                                              St Bernadette

Azucena Tabao                                   Immaculate Heart of Mary


Brgy Chairmen

Brgy 96                                                Edna Dumdum    

Brgy 95                                                Michael Millos                          

Brgy 95 A                                             Eviota Albert Ariza

Brgy 109                                              Elizabeth Lesigues        

Brgy 109 A                                           Rodofo Padillo

Brgy 36 A                                             Corazon Sevilla


Adov Ibanez

Mila Malicsi

Beth Tabungar

Luzviminda Kimpeson

Lenny Basilan

Fe Zalavaria

Delia Marmeta

Hermie Ayuste

Letty Capacio

Clarissa Carpeso

Virgie Amplayo

Roree Villarenti

Fe Paño

Myra Victoria Pasayloon

Marcela Pagasartonga

Teodora Vinegas

Tony Ramento

Inday Rosalez

Mark Stephen Reyes


  1. Titling of RealEstate Properties of the Parish

  2. Administer the Temporal Goods of the parish

  3. Maintenance of Church & Rectory Facilities

  4. Help Parish Priest conduct activities to generate local resources for the parish

  5. Assist Parish Priest in supervising and coordinating parish constructions and projects

  6. Assist Parish Priest in maintenaing inventory of parish properties

  7. Assist and coordinate with Archdiocesan Commission on Temporalities

  8. Require religious organizations engaging in fund raising activities to seek approval from the Parish Priest and to account and submit reports to the Archdiocesan Commission on Temporalities

Proposed Budget

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OLLP Rectory 2

OLLP Rectory 2

OLLP Rectory 1

OLLP Rectory 1

OLLP Ministers Room 2

OLLP Ministers Room 2

OLLP Ministers Room

OLLP Ministers Room

OLLP Rectory Entrance

OLLP Rectory Entrance

Msgr Bendict Catilogo

Msgr Bendict Catilogo

Parish Priest

Our Lady Lourdes Parish

Our Lady Lourdes Parish

Calanipawan Rd V&G Subdivision, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary

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