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Parish Pastoral Council

Nature and Purpose


  • The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body which is truly representative of the whole parish presided over by the Parish Priest. It is the research, Planning and evaluating body of the parish.


  • Pastoral in nature, the Parish Pastoral Council deals with concerns affecting Church and world, and concentrates on developing priorities and overall resolutions with regard to issues identified. It recommends parochial plans and policies to the Parish Priest for his approval before they can be implemented.


  • Being a consultative body. It is co-terminus with the Parish Priest. It ceases to exist once the Parish Priest is transferred or removed.


  • With six months after his installation, the new Parish Priest must establish the Parish Pastoral Council. In the interim, the old PPC will serve in a hold over capacity until a new PPC is established. It is the sole prerogative of the new Parish Priest to reappoint or not the members of the former PPC.



Functions of the PPC


  • The PPC is to facilitate a process in discovering, identifying and promulgating the

    parish mission statement in line with the priorities of the Archdiocese as embodied in the decrees of the first Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly, the second Plenary Council of the Philippines, the universal Church, and in response to the signs of the times.


    Among its functions are the following:

  • To prayerfully, reflect on the needs, the life and the mission of the parish community;

  • To recommend administrative, pastoral and developmental plans and programs for the pastoral needs of all members of the parish to the Parish Priest;

  • To advise the Parish Priest on the pastoral action (cf. canon 536 1) of the parish community;

  • To review and evaluate the implementation of the pastoral plans;

  • To gather relevant data as bases for planning, evaluation and recommendation;

  • To perform other lawful tasks which the Parish Priest may assign;

  • To provide a mechanism by which the parishioners shall be encouraged to manifest their views on matters which concern the good of the parish, in the spirit of dialogue and fraternal correction (FAPA #20).




  • The PPC will be composed of at least 15 members with the following as automatic members;

  • Parish Priest

  • Assistant Parish Priest/s, if there is/are any

  • Chairpersons of the Parish Commissions

  • Head of the Catholic School located in the parish

  • BEC coordinator or representativ

  • Memebrs ill be elected or appointed by the Parish Priest after consultation with some parishioners.

  • Terms of membership shall be two years. They can be reappointed or re-elected but not for third consecutive term, otherwise their appointment or election is invalid. However, after a lapse of a two year period, they may be reappoint to the PPC only those who served under the former Parish Priest Their first term, regardless whether they completed or not their two years first term; such reappointment is considered the second term.

  • The members of the Parish Pastoral Council must;

  • Be of proven faith, morals and outstanding prudence;

  • Not be a member of any organization whose tenets are incompatible with Catholic Church;

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

  • Be available and committed to serve the parish.

  • Not be under canonical penalty, whether imposed or declared.

       Have a domicile or quasi-domicile in the same parish.

  • Under special pastoral circumstances and conditions of parishes and certain persons, one may be eligible to become a council member with the written permission of the local Ordinary.

  • To the Parish Priest is given the prerogative to decide on the manner of representation or composition of the Parish Pastoral Council in a way that the members would truly represent the whole parish, including various religious and sectoral groups or a representative from the cluster of barangays.




  • The parish Priest shall be the Chairperson of the PPC. As such, he presides over the meeting. If for some valid reason he cannot perform this function, he has the power to appoint the Vice-Chairman to preside over the meeting.

  • The Parish Priest shall also appoint a Vice-Chairman and secretary who are both lay persons.

  • The PPC meets once every two months excepts in special cases where these meetings can be called outside of the regular schedule.


Duties of the Officers

  • Chairman

  • To convoke the Parish Pastoral Council;

  • To decide on the agenda of the meeting of the PPC;

  • To receive and decide upon all recommendations of the PPC before they can be implemented;

  • To preside over all meetings of the PPC.


  • Vice-Chairman

  • To preside over the meeting of the PPC in the absence of the Chairman or in his disability;

  • To perform other duties that may be assigned to him by the Chairman;

  • To be the liaison officer among the various commissions and committees.


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    To record faithfully in writing the minutes of all meetings of the PPC;

  • To gather, arrange and safeguard all the records of the PPC, as well as the records of information taken from the fie Commission;

  • To give notice to members of all meetings called;

  • To receive and distribute correspondence to whom they appertain;

  • To perform all other duties incident to his office.




  • Every parish shall establish five (5) Commissions shall be the implementing arm of the plans and programs of the Parish Pastoral Council as approved by the Parish Priest.


The Commission are:

  • Commission on Worship

  • Commission on Education (Christian Formation)

  • Commission on Social Action

  • Commission on Temporalities

  • Commission on Youth

2.  Each of the five (5) Commissions shall meet at least once a month separately.  
      Minutes of all meetings shall be duly recorded by the Commission of the Parish
     Pastoral Council as approved by the Parish Priest.

3.  Each Commission shall have a Chairman appointed by the Parish Priest for a term of
     two (2) years subject to one reappointment but not for a third consecutive term,
     otherwise the reappointed. The term does not cease with the transfer or removal of
     the Parish Priest. The new Parish Priest, however, has to confirm the appointment of
     the Commission Chairman; otherwise, he has to appoint new Commission Chairman.


Duties of the Commission Chairman

4. The Commission Chairman shall act as the Program Director in his own Commission.
     He coordinates and oversees the implementation of the parish programs decided by
     the PPC and approved by the Parish Priest as they pertain to his area of   
5.  Each Commission Chairman may recommend at least five (5) lay faithful as members  
     of the Commission, subject to the approval of the Parish Priest.
6.  The Commission Chairman shall appoint a Commission Secretary who shall keep  
     records of the minutes of all meetings and the activities of each respective
7. He shall submit periodic accomplishment report during the regular meeting of the
    Parish Pastoral Council.
8. He shall perform such other duties as the PPC or the Parish Priest may prescribe from  
    time to time.



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Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

V&G Subd., Tacloban City


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