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Catechetical Program

Description and Purpose

  1. Component:  Grade lll to Grade VI (Elementary) and Grade Vll (High School)

  2. Tasks to Perform: Promoting Faith Knowledge,LIturgical Services, Moral & Value Formation, Prayer, Education for Community and Missionary Life.

  3. Planning: Using Music, audio visual aids, Christian living textbooks, etc.

  4. Communicatons: Regular consultation with Parish Priest, Education Commission Chairperson. Networking with other catechists (Parish & Vicariate; Local & Non Local). Develop acquaintance with students and parents. Work hand in Hand with the teacher and class adviser. and to effectively communicate on childrens level.

  5. Abilities needed: Deep understanding of the Sacred Scriptures, CREED, Catholic Prayers and Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. Committment to the Doctrines and teachings of our Faith. To have an ability to participate in the sacramental life of the Church. A prayerful and personal relation with God, conscious and aware of the gift of faith in one's life. To be able to work harmoniouly with other catechists. To be abale to deal with conflicts or disagreements in a sensitive, understanding, and professional manner. Committed to continuing growth and formation as catechist.    

  6. Benefits: Deeper understanding of the true meaning of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. To have the honor to represent and assist in the missionary work of the Church. MORE...



Rosemarie T Cinco-Padilla    - Catechist Coordinator


Catechist Coordinator

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Office

Calanipawan Rd, Vig Subd., Tacloban City, Leyte Philippines



Charito Arpon                        Cecilia Libres                          Wilfredo Tabao                    Amelia Zabala

Myrna Climaco                      Milagros Montes                    Ted Tibe

Cristina Cinco                        Wilfredo Navarra                    Leonor Verian

Irene Jaingue                         Catalina Odita                         Nimfa Yap

Estelita Lauzon                      Lilia Sapayan                           PIo Yap


1-Vicariate Catechetical Ministry Launching & Regular Meetings (4th/Sat)

2-Parish Catechetical Ministry Launching & Regular Meetings (3rd/Sat)

3-First Holy Communion (6th Grade)

4-Sacrament of Confirmation (12 yrs old and above) and have received Holy COmmunion

5-Graduating Student's Recollection

6-Host Tacloban Vicariate Catechetical Meeting (Oct 2015)

7-Devotion in honor of Sna Pedro Calungsod

8-Nine (9) Day Novena for the Feast of San Pedro Calungsod

9-Feast Day of San Pedro Calungsod

10-Catechist Recruitement

11-Children's Mass Revival

12-Knights of the Altar Recruitment

13-Children's CHoir Recruitment

14-Vicariate Christmas Party

15-Submission of a Letter to the Pastor a request for a Catechetical Office Space




Msgr Bendict Catilogo

Msgr Bendict Catilogo

Parish Priest

Our Lady Lourdes Parish

Our Lady Lourdes Parish

Calanipawan Rd V&G Subdivision, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary

Lourdes, France

Proposed Budget

July to MArch 2015

1-Vic. Cat Launching         P      500            6-Host Vic Mtng              P 10,000

2-Reg Fee/Vic Mo. Mtng   P   1,530            7-Christmas Party          P   2,500

3-First Holy Communion  P   2,000            8-Teaching Supplies      P      200

4-Sac Confirmation           P   2,000             9-Transportation Exp   P 15,120

5-Recollection/Grauates  P   2,500             10-Uniform                     P  34,000    Total Pro Budget  P  80,000

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